Many people wonder if there is an afterlife.  The simple fact that there are ghosts proves to me that there is life after death.  Ghosts and the belief in ghost have been around for thousands of years.  I have had many strange events happen to me and I feel it is my angel trying to communicate with me.  Ever since I started Heavens Rangers , I have had the best of luck.  The very fact that ghost exist proves, beyond a doubt, that there is life after death.  I have always wondered why the church as not touched on this subject.  Did they miss the boat.  My theory is that ghost exist for a reason and possibly they are stuck between worlds.  Possibly a gruesome death has left them here on earth,  maybe they commited suicide or they did not believe in God.  If the Athiest do not believe in Heaven or Hell then their punishment is that they will remain here on earth.  Possibly ghost are past family members who have decided to come back to earth to protect us.  I feel my father , who died in 1997 is playing tricks on me from time to time.  He was a wonderful father and I miss him every day.  He was a Chaplan for a local American Legion chapter.  He was raised Lutheran but became a Catholic much later in his life.  He died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 75.  He was a kind man but also knew when to kick me in the ass when I needed it. 

I feel that we are put on this earth as a test.  If you live a good life, you will come back to earth with the opportunity to live a great life.  It makes me wonder why some people are born to wealthy or great families and why some people are born to a destitute life in some third world country.  The only way that I can rationalize why children are born into helpless situations  and third world countries is because they were bad in their past life.   This is Gods way of punishing them for their bad sinful ways and selfishness.  Maybe this is the best way of teaching a sinful person.  We have to make people aware that they are accountable for the sins they commit and they will be judged accordingly.  People who are racist against black people will be born again to a large starving family in Ethiopia.  Think of the very worst situation and you will be there trying to get through life.  Live a good life today and you will be rewarded with a good start when you are born again.  Then its up to you to make it the best life you can.  If you decide to take the easy way out and live a corrupt or immoral life, then you will be punished in a way that reflects your weakness and evil deeds.  Simple as that.