Join our Christian Organization and help in obtaining the truth about our wonderful religion.  We need you to spread the word about Heavens Rangers and what we plan to do.  We are a few thousand strong right now but we need the big numbers to make the difference and have an impact on the heads of our church.  You will be a soldier for Jesus Christ. Show Jesus that you will fight for him and not back down from people who try to lead us down the wrong path.  Bullies and debunkers will not be tolerated.  Religious people who rely on " faith " alone are sticking their heads in the sand and will always be blind to the truth.  Do not quote the Bible to me and try to tell me it is the word of God.  You will see that it is not Gods word but the words of religious fanatics that has their own agenda back in 325 A.D.  Some may of had good intentions but greed and self glory dominated the day.  Why were many gospels eliminated from the Bible and new rules created over the centuries by corrupt Popes ?  This is why we have to open up the Vatican's library.  All of the secrets of the world and our past are locked up in the Vatican's vaults.   Only a chosen few have access to these secret books of our history.   What are they hiding and why ?